Our business is the backbone and the aluminum structure

Quality products ,
aesthetic and ergonomic which
keep in mind the concerns
the Environment and

Designs ranges

SEasy to use , partitions ranges that we have developed with our customers are flexible, adaptable according to any business premises .
They structure your spaces and allow sharing.

In addition to organizing your office or your premises , they possess the essential functions for users which they are intended : the physical , sound and heat insulation . Comfort is a key to all our conceptions vault.

Our products values

Specialty : We specialize in aluminum frame profiles. Aluminum is 100% recyclable.

Quality : Po meet your needs , we select the best materials and ensure the rigor of the development of each of our products, their value HQE ( High Environmental Quality) . The manufacture of each product follows the recommendations of environmental and health Sheets Declarations ( EPD ) .

Ergonomics : The design of each of our products takes into account the end-user through a series of tests carried out in collaboration with our clients ( architects and installers , installers entrepreneurs) .